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Annus Abrar is a Karachi based plan studio. Curated by Annus Abrar as a fashioner, who hails from a similar city, the plans assist you with characterizing the bubbly side of you and keep on mirroring your tenseness and distinction - in any event, when you are encircled by the commotion of panache.

Structure and Nature… Line and Form… Control and Abandon… the draw between these restricting ideas is at the core of "Annus Abrar" as a brand. The name Annus Abrar is overflowing with oomph, promising to widen and extend your inclusion with contemporary method of extravagance. 

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Extravagance Pret Collections - The assortments are erotic, practically material, with each plan recounting an account of development, change, and development in the foundation of unadulterated luxury textures like crude silk, organza and tissue. Out of the shadows come eruptions of light and blasts of shading; mind boggling botanical weaving with silk and anchor decorated with Swarovski, pearls and rhinestones.

Merry Collections - Annus Abrar bubbly assortments spin around the present shading palette and current adaptations and situation of flower themes, mixed with the outlines and volumes that vibe so free yet they are adjusted to allure. Basic and textural contrasts are laid wonderfully by Annus to give the completed look of the troupe that will get his supporters the spotlight that they merit in their celebrations.

Marriage Collections - Annus Abrar has envisioned these bridals, envisioning how the texture will move smoothly while his customers (his dream) moves, how every individual gem will shimmer as the sun sets, how a consummately positioned embellished neck area will outline the sparkling substance of the glorious lady, and how the sentiment of making her own timetable will last.

Annus Abrar bridals are a sprinkling of emotional power, fit for bringing out an account of time travel… .in an illustrious carriage.

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