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Fahad Hussayn Couture highlights bespoke men's wear and extravagance wedding linens. A top of the line style mark that exemplifies the expression "unadulterated glory".

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Fahad Hussayn's work is a broad and assorted combination of motivations both from the east and west which would normally act him like a solid competitor for contemporary style. Nonetheless, remembering his own excursion, Fahad guarantees that he has a bit of something for everybody. His design mark works day and night to oblige fans from varying backgrounds.

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Every item recounts an account of workmanship and design. In its completed stage, covered with heaps of complex works, every item is out and out a show-stopper.


Propelled from his own excursion, Fahad Hussayn, revives each piece and polishes them off with his hand crafted signature wraps up.

Fahad Hussayn Couture over the long run has acquired its place among the first in class style marks in Pakistan.