Hindu Pre Wedding and Post Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

Hindu Pre Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

Indian wedding Rituals


Engagement Ceremony

Engagement Ceremony Indian Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

Considered one in everything about principal significant pre wedding functions in Hindu weddings likewise as, the function of commitment is often a private one with close relations and companions from both lady and lucky man's side. This function generally happens some months before the wedding. During the function, the dads of both near be hitched people vouch for the ideals of their kid and make a legitimate wedding declaration of their youngsters to the welcomed visitors. the girl and furthermore the husband to be then trade rings during to cement their commitment.

Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi Ceremony Indian Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

Mehendi Ceremony is tied in with applying Henna to the lady's hand and feet (in certain states it's applied to the person of the hour too). This delightful function happens as a rule inside the night within the midst of numerous moving and music by the relations and companions. While the woman must sit for quite while to ask the Mehendi workmanship done, a big number of the feminine visitors additionally complete the Mehendi craftsmanship on a minimum of on one hand. This glad festival is often observes its supplement with singing of customary melodies likewise as playing of conventional music instruments like dholak.

Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet Ceremony Indian Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

Seen as a ladies driven function, Sangeet is possibly the principal fun Hindu pre marriage service. Customarily, the Sangeet Ceremonies should be a component of the traditional commitment function, anyway lately, it's directed independently. Hence the fun of wedding expands yet yet another day with this festival. Prior sangeet functions were just the some of North Indian Hindu wedding, presently this great function has made its quality felt even in South India. it's significant that this function is fun still as wedding organizers rely upon it expressing it really help the two sides overlook the wedding nerves for at some point. Thusly, one can see that extraordinary topics are picked for this event and move exhibitions are readied.

Tilak/Sagan Ceremony

Tilak Sgan Ceremony Indian Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

Tilak Ceremony is figured in light of the actual fact that the activity to the connection between the two families. This propitious function happens generally inside the person of the hour's organization, where the male individuals from the lady's family visit to place Kumkum or vermilion on his brow. Despite the actual fact that there are numerous kinds of Tilak function during a few pieces of the express, the one referenced one is usually seen. except for this, music and move is furthermore a real a chunk of this service in numerous countries of the state.

Haldi Ceremony

Haldi Ceremony Indian Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

Among the primary fun functions during an Indian wedding is that the Haldi Ceremony. One can discover variations of this propitious function in various pieces of the state. during this function a glue of haldi is applied on the girl of the hour and along these lines the husband to be's body previously or inside the morning of their day. In not many conditions of India, this function is held after the mehendi custom. The blend employed in the function is assumed by various names in an exceedingly few areas, as ubtan, mandha, tel baan and then on Haldi function is legitimately related to improving the girl and consequently the person of the hour for his or her enormous day. the shading yellow is moreover viewed as promising, and accordingly is asserted to ward off the wickedness.

Roka Ceremony

Roka Ceremony Indian Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

Roka function is taken into account to be the essential advance towards the marriage. it resembles a political applicant declaration of the assent of both the woman of the hour and furthermore the husband to be to encourage hitched to every other. during this function, the groups of various sides accumulate for the essential time and trade desserts, blessings and dry organic products with one another. In certain customs, a puja is performed by the minister.

Hindu Post Wedding Rituals Ceremonies


Vidai Ceremony Indian Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

Vidaai is a passionate function that signs of the consummation of the wedding. It is an indispensable piece of wedding, where the lady of the hour with weepy eyes ventures out of the entryways and tosses back five modest bunches of rice over her head reflecting riches and success. As it were, this custom means that lady has repaid whatever her folks have given her every one of these years. As she leaves in a vehicle/vehicle, lady's siblings and cousins push the vehicle, which represents that the siblings are helping her beginning another existence with her significant other. After the vehicle begins, cash is tossed making progress toward dispose of or avoid the malicious spirits. This post wedding function has various names in various pieces of the state however wherever it is a significant service.


Reception Ceremony Indian Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

This post wedding function is essentially a method of acquainting lady of the hour with the lucky man's locale. This function has no obligatory ceremonies to be followed, actually the service comes pressed with moving, music and an excellent dining experience.

Gift Ceremony

Gift Ceremony Indian Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

Generally alluded as an Aashirvaad Ceremony, this exceptionally heartfelt function is praised to look for the endowments of the older individuals from the family and other well wishers. For this service, the lady's family alongside family members and companions visit man of the hour's home and present the recently marry couple desserts or organic products alongside gold/silver/precious stone adornments, the couples at that point contact their feet. In certain pieces of the nation, similar to Bengal, the Ashirwad service is held a few preceding the wedding function. It connotes, the affirmation of the lady of the hour and husband to be's new relationship. The entryway of lady's home is enriched with a line of mango leaves that are to remain for one year after the wedding function. The man of the hour's family present to the lady a few sarees, and consequently, the lady's folks blessing different lucky man a ring or a watch.

Dwar Rokai Ceremony

Dewar Rokai Ceremony Indian Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

This great function can generally be found in North Indian weddings. Dwar Rokai service is held when recently marry couple shows up at man of the hour's living arrangement and his sister/s goes up against the couple by not permitting them to go into the house. The sibling is approached to give her money or a valuable blessing to get the passage inside the house. Frequently this is a great service to observer with happy contention between the sibling and sister.

Griha Pravesh Ceremony

Girha Pravish Ceremony Indian Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

Dwar Rokai Ceremony is trailed by the Griha Pravesh Ceremony. In this huge function, a conventional Indian greeting is given to the new lady. She is asked to initially push a container/kalash loaded up with rice with her correct toe to make her entrance into the house. This function implies that the group of man of the hour has invited the lady into their home as well as acknowledged her as one of the vital individuals from their family. In certain spots in India, the lady is solicited to tell the name from her better half at the passageway and afterward enters the home.

Mooh Dikhai Ceremony

Mooh Dekhai Ceremony Indian Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

Mooh Dikhai is a significant Hindu post wedding service. It is essentially held to acquaint the new lady with the lucky man's family. The women reveal the substance of lady and furthermore give her endowments. The relative, specifically, offers presents to the lady as an offer of welcome.

Pag Phera Ceremony

Pag Phera Ceremony Indian Wedding Rituals Ceremonies

Pag Phera is likewise seen as a significant Hindu post-wedding function. In this service, the lady of the hour is reclaimed to her home from the parents in law's home by her siblings, where she remains for just about three days. At the point when the service closes, the lucky man goes to her home and looks for endowments from her folks and afterward return his lady to his home. The group of the lady of the hour offers endowments to their little girl and child in-law. It is accepted that young ladies are the type of Goddess Lakshmi, and subsequently the lady of the hour returns to her home to guarantee success of her folks.

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