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Nilofer Shahid, head of the design house Meeras, comes from a group of champions, artists, essayists and painters. One could state that she was hereditarily sharpened towards the better things of life. Obviously being raised on a consistent eating routine of Khalil Gibran and A.R Chaughtai's artworks just served to additionally complement her ability.

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Since the beginning Nilofer was attracted to the specialty of craftsmanship, a fixation that keeps on dating. Along these lines, in 1992 with the dispatch of her design house Meeras, Nilofer made a practically normal change from being an eager admirer to turning into a functioning member.

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The subjects of her assortments mirror her profound partiality with the place that is known for her introduction to the world – from Islamic calligraphy to Mughal design to the legacy of focal Asia, Nilofer's work has crossed the east in its most genuine significance.

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