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Waistcoats are common across Asia, USA, UK, Canda and Australia, though usually worn as an outer garment, as Indian pakistani wedding, fetive season and formal events do these days.
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Embroidered Waistcoat for Wedding

Embroidered Waistcoats for Wedding Quebec City Canada Designer Waistcoats

Mens Embroidered Waistcoat

Mens Embroidered Waistcoat for Wedding Waistcoats Abbotsford British Columbia

Designer Waistcoat for Groom

Designer Waistcoat for Groom Abbotsford British Columbia Canada Man Collection 2018

Embroidered Waistcoat With Kurta Suit

Embroidered Waistcoat With Kurta Suits Quebec City Canada Menswear Waistcoats

Moss Green Jamawar Waistcoat

Mens Jamawar Waistcoat for Next Formal Events Delta British Columbia Canada

Liver Waistcoat Suit

Grey Color Waistcoat and Shalwar Kameez Man Collection 2018

Cool Menswear Black Waistcoat

Cool Menswear Black Waistcoat Pakistani Waistcoats for Eid Designer

Menswear Waistcoat for Formal Events

Menswear Waistcoat for Man Collection Formal Waistcoat Pakistani Designer Waistcoats

Classic Menswear Waistcoat

Classic Mens Waistcoat Pakistan Shalwar Kameez for Eid Fetival

Menswear Waistcoat for Any Occasion

Menswear Waistcoat for Any Occasion Waistcoat for Eid

Exclusive Designer Waistcoat for Mens

Exclusive Designer Waistcoat for Mens 2018

Menswear Waistcoat for Any Festival

Eid Festival Waistcoat Elegant Menswear Waistcoat Man Collection 2018

Pakistani Waistcoats Indian Waistcoat Designer Waistcoat UK USA Canada

Waistcoats are common across Asia, USA, UK, Canda and Australia, though usually worn as an outer garment, as Indian pakistani wedding, fetive season and formal events do these days.

The creation of waistcoat by an English king.

The waistcoat, or vest (as it is known in the United States), is a close-fitting sleeveless garment originally designed for men that buttons (or occasionally zips) down the front to the waist. Produced in either single or double-breasted styles, the waistcoat is designed to be worn underneath a suit or jacket, although it does not necessarily have to match. Similar garments are worn by women.


Originating in Persia, waistcoats first became fashionable in the middle of the seventeenth century. The new style was noticed by Samuel Pepys in 1666: "The King hath … declared his resolution of setting a fashion for clothes which he will never alter," he wrote in his diary. "It will be a vest."

King Charles II was persuaded that, after the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London, a much more sober form of attire should be worn by gentlemen, particularly in view of the gross extravagance displayed in the French court at the time. The vest was a knee-length garment that would follow the cut of the coat but would be much tighter in fit. It was designed to discourage the use of lavish materials (such as lace) by covering much of the body in plainer and cheaper material. By 1670, vests had become one of the most important European fashion trends of the time, particularly among nobility who would soon forget the notion of sobriety in favor of opulence and excessive decoration.

Famous Pakistani Designer Waistcoat
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